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Direct Debit from Australian Bank Accounts

Pinch carries out the heavy lifting of talking to banks so you don’t have to. A payment is as simple as telling us who to debit from and for how much. Once that payment is cleared, we’ll deposit the funds directly into your clients bank account. You can also subscribe to webhooks to be notified of every action we perform.

POST /payment
  from = 'payer1'
  to = 'self'
  subject = 'Gym Membership'
  amount = '2500'

Ideal for Recurring Payments

If your software uses a subscription model or allows your clients to manage a subscription database, Pinch is ideal. Once an electronic agreement (EDDR) is in place, adding a new payment is as simple as telling us when and how much. We can also handle failed and dishonored payments automatically to improve cash flow. 

POST /payment
  from = 'payer1'
  to = 'self'
  subject = 'Gym Membership'
  amount = '2500'
  recurring = 'month'

Much Cheaper than Credit Cards

Why pay the large credit card providers a premium Merchant Service Fee? The Direct Entry system is much cheaper, not to mention more reliable. Bank Accounts don’t change every few years and people don’t carry plastic Bank Accounts that can be lost. So cheaper, more reliable and less likely to change. What more could you want? 

GET /fee

> 0.65c
> 0.78c
> 0.59c

APCA Accredited / Fully Secure

Pinch is a member of the Australian Payment Clearing Association, meaning we are regulated and follow strict procedures to ensure the safe transfer of money between any bank in Australia. APCA exists to advance the common interest of its members and the interests of the Australian public in improving the Australian payments system. 

GET /token
  clientId = 'cl_7623gh9824df7'
  scope = 'read write'
  nonce = '7510866213298'

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